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The Prince Promise

25 June 2014

Prince College Counseling offers an initial consultation that allows for an assessment of where the student is in the search and application process, what the student and parents hope to gain from a counseling relationship, the design of an individualized path forward, and the creation of a comprehensive fee structure. Families walk away from the session with the information they need to make an informed decision about engaging Prince College Counseling.

Prince College Counseling does not charge an hourly rate like many other counseling programs. A student (or parent) should not think twice about calling, emailing, texting, or making an appointment for fear that it will ‘count’ as an hour or a meeting towards some set total.

Prince College Counseling’s comprehensive retainer fee does not limit the number of counseling sessions or hours spent in support of a student. Families have full and unfettered access to our professional expertise.

Prince College Counseling’s comprehensive fee includes the cost of The Greenwood System personality, values, and career assessment ($300 value); the YouScience aptitude and interest assessment ($200 value); as well as consultations with content specialists who can lend expertise in focused areas such as portfolio creation, athletic recruitment, and audition preparations.

Prince College Counseling offers appointment hours in the evenings and on weekends in order to facilitate the busy schedules of high school students and their parents. Families make appointments through an online appointment calendar that is accessible 24 hours a day.

Prince College Counseling returns all calls, texts, and emails within 24 hours. If there is a question, it needs to be asked and answered promptly.