Denise Park Parsons

denise-parsonsDenise Park Parsons has over thirty years of management and consulting experience, the last ten years of which have been devoted exclusively to guiding students to the college of their choice as an independent college counselor.  Her professional experience has been augmented by her having lived in other regions of the country, where she developed a broad knowledge of institutions of higher education.

Ms. Parsons is the principal of College Admissions Planning LLC and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania. She has had careers in both the airline industry as a Regional Manager of Personnel in Baltimore, Maryland and education, serving as a regional education consultant in Dayton, Ohio.

Ms. Parsons is a coauthor of “Phenotype and Management of Aicardi Syndrome: New Findings From a Survey of 69 Children” (Journal of Child Neurology, February 2007) and the author of her first memoir, Touchstone: A Life Unseen (Ab Initio, 2014)

Denise currently serves on the boards of Eastern Area Community Ministries and the Aicardi Syndrome FoundationShe has been a resident of Louisville for more than twenty years and lives there with her husband.

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